There are, of course, many many variables that affect the price of a pair of glasses.   If you are shopping price, you need to know what questions to ask in order to get an accurate final price.  Most all optical shops will low ball you with an unusually low price  in order to get you into their establishment.   Then….. the ‘rest of the story’.


We try to be up-front with our pricing structure and refuse to use ‘surprises’. 


If you’re a senior, we discount whatever the final number is by 10%.

If you have a vision insurance plan we don’t participate in, we flex on that as well.

If you are an employee of Alcon Labs we discount your total by 15% and file your vision insurance for you.

If you purchase two pairs within 30 days, we discount the second pair by 10%.

If you’re active duty military, we discount you by 15% and shake your hand in thanks.


Our single vision lenses start at $68.

Our bifocal lenses start at $104.

Our  trifocal lenses start at $134.

Our no-line progressive lenses start at $209


That’s just a starting point on the major types of lenses. Of course, additional features drive the price up. For instance,  UV protection (which we consider very important) adds another $20 to the price. Thinner, lighter lenses cost more.   Anti-reflective coatings start at $80.  If your prescription is incorrect, there will be a charge to remake your lenses.


WE DON’T USE POLYCARBONATE LENSES AT ALL !!!!!    They are inferior.


Feel free to give us a call or come by for an exact quote on prices.

We’re not the cheapest because we don’t use ‘cheap’ materials.

If cheap is all you’re interested in and quality means nothing to you, we’re not for you….  

         There’s always somebody at the bottom selling cheaper.


“Oh, by the way,  in Texas there are no enforceable standards !!  There is no  agency assuring quality or accuracy !!   You are forced to trust your optician to fill your prescription accurately.   My forty-five year career in this field testifies to my insistence on quality and accuracy.   Ask  any eye doctor in this town.”      Forest
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